3.x ReadyA Joomla! package that helps you log and track your expenses and keep an eye on your accounts balance. You can use it for your personal, family, or company financial control, or build a 'cloud' expense manager application for your site's visitors. It take full advantage of Joomla! ACL system so each user can manage his finance.

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What is SP Expense Manager?

As it's name indicates is an expense manager for the cloud!

Is a tool for your site's users to control and manage their finances. Keep track of the expenses, income and update automatic the connected accounts. It comes with ready accounts, expenses and income categories, but you can just add/delete/edit any category as you wish, on an unlimited hierarchy tree, with the standard Joomla! category manager.

In two clicks you can know how much you spend and earn in any given time period, per day, or per week, or per month, or per year, on selected, or all your accounts.

Who can use?

Anyone who have web access on your site:

  • as a personal finance manager,
  • to keep track of each member of your family,
  • a company's employees expense tracker,
  • for building a cloud financial manager site.

No need for any configuration. Just install and use with the already prepared categories. Utilizing the users authorization system, you can control what the users 'see' and 'do' just like the core Joomla! content system. You can use SP Expense Manager either from the back end, or the front end with the same ease. The same view is accessible from back end and front end, and what is appeared is controlled by your template.

No need for a special 'mobile' application, since now Joomla! support responsive templates, and what is showed to the user, is what the template control. All the data are kept within the Joomla! database.

The 'transaction items' are similar with any standard Joomla! article. With that, you can add any functionality your articles have. For example upload/save your invoices to the corresponding item as an image.

How it works

The functionality of SP Expense Manager is simple. The interface is the same as the standard Joomla! article interface so there is nothing new to learn. Each user just create his accounts, and then start adding transactions. Each transaction is related with an account under a selected category, and can be of type expense, or income. When saving the transaction, automatically the account balance is affected accordingly. When you disable, or delete a transaction, the account balance is also affected by reversing the amount.

For a more comprehensive documentation please read User Guide - SP Expense Manager


  • Tracking expenses and incomes by day, week, month and year as well as by categories, accounts, users etc.
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • All currencies included
  • Filter results by date range, category, account, and many more
  • See and print (daily, weekly monthly, yearly) your balance sheet
  • Back end and front end access view is the same
  • Define your users access based on their group what to access
  • Same use as articles editor (upload images and files, like receipts and invoices)
  • Batch copy and save as copy the transactions. Very useful for repeated transactions
  • On the cloud!!!


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  • Joomla 3.xx.xx

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