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A very powerful and simple to use component to manage Joomla subscriptions with Paypal saved buttons. With this component you have all you need to integrate the security and ease of use of Paypal Payment Standard Buttons with the new Access Control System of Joomla!


SP Paypal Subscriptions logoTaking advantage of the New Joomla! features of Access Control System (allows site administrators control over who can view and manage content), we designed a component that allow you to automatically create/update user's groups and status, with Paypal Standard Buttons transactions.

We did not try to build a subscriptions manager from scratch. Instead we had the innovative idea to combine all the power of Joomla and Paypal together.

Why is simple to use?

Because is as simple as:

  1. Joomla Access Control System interface
  2. Paypal Saved Buttons interface

If you already use Joomla and Paypal, then you already have the knowledge!

Why is powerful, flexible and user friendly?

Because is as powerful, flexible and user friendly as:

  1. Joomla user and content management (define who have access to what)
  2. Paypal Subscriptions buttons (recursive, duration, trial periods, etc etc...)

How to Use

  1. Create in Joomla the user groups and viewing access to your content as you wish
  2. Create in Paypal your buttons with the subscriptions rules as you wish
  3. Use our component to associate the Paypal button "item number" and Joomla "user group"
  4. Now every Paypal subscription event is captured via IPN and processed
    • For every subscription sign-up event
      • If new user then the user is created on the specified user group and an email is sent with his user name and password
      • If existing user then the user's group is automatically changed and unblocked (if blocked) and an email notification is sent
    • For every subscription End of Term event the user is automatically blocked, or revert to the user group you choose

You can also use standard Buy Now Paypal buttons for one time subscriptions. This is suitable for selling digital goods.

For a more comprehensive documentation read User Guide - SP Paypal Subscriptions


  • Joomla 1.6 or 1.7 or 2.5, or 3.x
  • Paypal Account (with IPN activated)
  • Enable php_openssl if not already


We cannot write here all the features since we would describe the Joomla Access Control System and Paypal Buttons features so we just underline the follow:

Joomla - Access Control System

  • Build unlimited user groups
  • Build unlimited viewing content access
  • Set specific access permissions based on a user's group to your content (articles, components, menu items, actually everything)
  • Use it to as many different domains (Joomla installations) as you want
  • Choose what user name to give to new users (name-surname, or email)
  • New users emails are identical with Paypal (that means no email confirmation is needed to activate their account)
  • Users receive emails notifications that you customize
  • Automatically create contacts

Paypal - Website Payments Standard Buttons

  • Subscription buttons
    • Tracking Subscription Transactions
    • Downloading Subscriber Lists
    • Canceling Individual Subscriptions
    • Canceling Multiple Subscriptions at One Time
    • Suspending Subscriptions
    • Editing a Subscription Profile
    • Using Email Notices to Track Subscription Transactions
    • Using Recent Activity to Track Subscribe Transactions
    • Using Transaction History to Track Subscribe Payments
    • Using Downloadable History Logs to Track Subscribe Payments
    • Subscribers emails notifications for all the actions to their subscriptions
  • Ability to test with Paypal Sandbox facilities
  • Total Security
    • Unprotected and non-encrypted buttons that are not saved in your PayPal account are in clear text in the source view of your webpages. The HTML button code for your payment buttons can be viewed by anyone. A malicious third party could copy a page, change button HTML variables such as price, and make fraudulent payments.
    • All IPN conversations are exclusively validated between your site and Paypal


Free registration is required to download. Click here to create an account.

We also have available to download for FREE the even more powerful SP Digital Subscriptions that utilizes PayPal Express Checkout instead of the buttons.