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Use the new service Paypal for Digital Goods - Express Checkout within Joomla, and sell your software, documents, or any other type of file. Add your products within your articles, modules or anywhere you can use tinyMCE editor.

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What is SP Digital Goods

Our component utilize the new service of PayPal for Digital Goods – Express Checkout. This new service of Paypal offers digital goods developers and content producers a more cost-effective way to sell digital goods. It’s flexible and makes it easy to monetize your digital content, whether it’s a game, media, blog, or software.

With SP Digital Goods you can:

  • Implement in-context payments to increase sales conversion. Add the Paypal buttons with tinyMCE everywhere
  • One-click buy and download
  • Offer competitive pricing for even your smallest transactions
  • Ability for total security of your files
  • Use of the powerful content system of Joomla. Build a whole store based on categories/articles.
  • Use any Joomla compatible template

SP Digital Goods supports:

  • All single-payer, single-payee transactions (one-to-one transactions)
  • Payments in all currencies supported by PayPal
  • Payments in all countries supported by PayPal
  • Tax calculations

The Buyer Experience

By implementing SP Digital Goods, you can offer your buyers an in-context, fast payment experience. Whether they’re playing a game, reading an article, or downloading music, the payment flow will not interrupt their enjoyment of your content.

See below for an example of what your customers will experience when they purchase digital content after you have implemented SP Digital Goods solution. In this example, the consumer buys a music album. You can also view the MP3 Store Live Demo.

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Products Categories

The customer view your products the standard Joomla way (articles/categories)

MP3 Song

Step1: Decide to buy the song and click Paypal button

Paypal Window

Step 2: The customer confirms the order

Download Link


Step 3: Within seconds, the customer is enjoying your content. The customer paid in two clicks and never left your site.

How to Use

  1. Create your products (price, tax, download link, content). You can categorize (nested) as you wish.
  2. Add paypal buttons within your content (articles, modules anywhere with tinyMCE editor), with a GUI button.

The ability to use your standard Joomla content to add the Paypal buttons gives you the freedom to:

  • build anything you want (from a single download to a full functional store)
  • with any template you want
  • and use any Joomla extensions (e.g. articles ratings, comments, featured etc)

The only limit is your fantasy.

For a more comprehensive documentation read User Guide - SP Digital Goods


  • Joomla 1.6 or 1.7 or 2.5, or 3.x
  • Paypal Business Account*

*Make sure that your Paypal Account is valid to use "PayPal for Digital Goods – Express Checkout" before purchase this component.


It is not possible to present here all the features since we would describe the Joomla core Content System and the Paypal for Digital Goods - Express Checkout. Our component integrates these two!!! We just underline the follow:

  • Using Joomla content system (articles/categories) as a store
  • Use any Joomla compatible template
  • Buyer's download with two clicks
  • Cheaper than normal Paypal services
  • Invoices

Buy Now

Go to Purchase - SP Digital Goods to buy.

Make sure you are eligible to use Paypal for Digital Goods - Express Checkout before you purchase this component.