This is the manual for Joomla tool SP Staging. The small size of the documentation, indicates the simple use of the extension!

With SP Staging you can maintain and control all your Joomla! sites extensions from one place. SP Staging consists of two components:

  • SP Staging Manager (the central coordinator), and
  • SP Staging Server (the stages)



Stage refers to any Joomla! site that is controlled by SP Staging Manager (the central coordinator). You must install component SP Staging Server to any site you want to control, and define to its options the follow:

  • Coordinator URL - That is the front end domain of the manager. For example¬†(note to add the last slash / on the url)
  • Password - A unique word identifier known to coordinator.
Password is used to 256 bit encrypt all data exchanged between coordinator and stage. Stage cannot accept any instruction from a different domain.

Package refers to a unique Joomla package. It can be identified by its element (name) and type. Joomla! itself is a package!