SP Staging comes with the functionality of monitoring your websites healthiness. You can check whether your websites and server's services are up and running. You can schedule the monitoring to run on specified time intervals from your server (Linux/Windows), or any other scheduling tool that can hit a URL. In case a website/service is down a selected user can be notified via email.

There are two different ways to monitor a server:

  • Service

    A connection will be made to the selected Stage domain, on the given port. This way you can check if certain services on your machine are still running. To check your IMAP service for example, enter port 143, or MySQL on port 3306.

  • Website

    It checks the HTTP status code (see for details) for the selected code. If the HTTP status code is in the 4xx range, it means an error occurred and the website is not accessible to the public. 

Monitors View

Monitors View

In the main Monitors view, you can ping/view/create/edit all the monitors and their status. The online column indicates, the status. The green on indicates healthiness, instead the red off indicates a problem. To Ping, you can choose one or more, and press the green button ping.

Monitor Edit View

In the Monitor Edit View you can define the type of monitor, selected stage, and if view the uptime and error log.


Edit Monitor View Configuration

On this view you can define/select the follow:

  • The stage where the monitor will apply.
  • The type of monitor:
    • website
    • service
  • The port. You can only define this if you select a service. It is not applicable for the website type of monitor.
  • Choose whether an email will be sent in case of problem.
  • The user to send the email.

Edit Monitor View Availability

On this tab you can view occurrences of the monitoring execution and the status at the specific time. The red indicator shows problem, and the green healthiness.


Edit Monitor View Log

This is the log view, where you can see the error message in case of unavailability.