Monitoring Schedule


To allow monitoring schedule you must first go to SP Staging -> Options.

Edit Monitor View Options

Alert Type:

  • Always - You will receive a notification every time the script runs and a site is down, even if the site is down for hours.
  • Offline - You will receive a notification when a server goes offline for the first time only. For example if your schedule runs every 15 minutes and your server goes down at 2:00am until 7:00am, you will only get one notification at 2:00am
  • Status Change - You will receive a notification when the server has a change of status. Meaning from online -> offline, and offline ->online.

 Allow Monitor Schedule: In order to enable the monitoring schedule you have to choose yes.

Password: To secure that the monitoring is done by your scheduling, assign a password, that you will use in the monitoring scheduling tool.

How To Schedule Monitoring

There are several ways to schedule monitoring, given that you enabled it from options and assigned a password. You can schedule to run directly from your server, or from a public url.

Linux/Unix Cron Job

You can schedule a cron job to hit php file /joomla_path/components/com_spstgmng/helpers/monitor.php. If for example your joomla_path is /home/public_html/ and you defined in options a password, then you can schedule in cron the follow:

php -q /home/public_html/components/com_spstgmng/helpers/monitor.php password  >/dev/null 2>&1

Windows Scheduler

In a similar way you can schedule in Windows scheduler. For example if your joomla_path is c:\webserver\htdocs\ then the command to schedule is:

php -q c:\webserver\htdocs\components\com_spstgmng\helpers\monitor.php password > nul

If php command is not recognized by windows, then either use the full path to php.exe, or include it's path in environment variables.

Public URL

By using any scheduler you might have, on any machine you may schedule a regular visit to url: