Connection refused

If you fail to connect to 1.5 then it is not problem with the component, rather is a connection problem with the 1.5 database. All necessary information needed on the migration form, except for the host and db type fields, you can find in file configuration.php located at the Joomla! 1.5 root folder. More specific from there you find the follow:

  • public $user = "username";
  • public $password = "xxxxxxxxx";
  • public $db = "dbname";
  • public $dbprefix = 'abcde_';

If both sites are on the same server (host), then on the host field you insert localhost. If you try remote migration (e.g. the destination site is on your local PC), then on the host field you insert the IP of the source 1.5 site.

To find the IP open a command dos window and give command:


Also you must make sure that the 1.5 database accepts remote connection. Usually host providers do not allow this type of connection for security reason.

Some of the times host providers give you the ability to open connection from your cPanel (if available). The IP to give access is the one where destination site is located. For example if the destination site is installed on your local PC, then google keyword "my ip". For more assistance for the connecting to the database you can get from your host provider.

When trying remote migration the path is not valid. Still this is not a big problem by the means it is used for copying images. So all you have to do is to copy (e.g. FTP) images folder from 1.5 to replace the destination images folder.