Install Joomla on localhost

There are several ways to proceed with migration. One way is to install the new Joomla on the same server where lies the old 1.5

In summary in order to install Joomla on the same host as Joomla 1.5 follow below steps:

  • Backup your 1.5 site and database
  • Create a new MySQL database
  • Download Joomla zip file from
  • Create a new directory on your root (e.g. called j25). So if your root path is /home/public_html, you create directory on /home/public_html/j25
  • Upload and uncompressed the zip in folder new_joomla
  • Go to url: to continue with installation
  • In details read this:!

When you are ready to go live all you have to do is to move all 1.5 folders and files from the root to a backup directory, and the new_joomla folder on the root.