Find here answers to the most common questions you might have about SP Upgrade and it's usage. If you cannot find what you seek here you may contact us.

XML installation error

If you face an XML installation error when you try to install the component then you probably trying to install it on a Joomla! release 1.5. SP Upgrade component can only be installed on a Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, or 3.x and above. From there then you migrate from the 1.5 site. Read User Guide - SP Upgrade for more details.

Does SP Upgrade migrate external extensions data?

Yes. SP Upgrade is able to transfer any extension's data from the source 1.5 database to the new.

Connection refused

If you fail to connect to 1.5 then it is not problem with the component, rather is a connection problem with the 1.5 database. All necessary information needed on the migration form, except for the host and db type fields, you can find in file configuration.php located at the Joomla! 1.5 root folder. More specific from there you find the follow:

If both sites are on the same server (host), then on the host field you insert localhost. If you try remote migration (e.g. the destination site is on your local PC), then on the host field you insert the IP of the source 1.5 site.

To find the IP open a command dos window and give command:


Also you must make sure that the 1.5 database accepts remote connection. Usually host providers do not allow this type of connection for security reason.

Some of the times host providers give you the ability to open connection from your cPanel (if available). The IP to give access is the one where destination site is located. For example if the destination site is installed on your local PC, then google keyword "my ip". For more assistance for the connecting to the database you can get from your host provider.

When trying remote migration the path is not valid. Still this is not a big problem by the means it is used for copying images. So all you have to do is to copy (e.g. FTP) images folder from 1.5 to replace the destination images folder.

Timeout during migration

If for any reason (timeout, memory, network) the process stops all you have to do is to rerun. Normally it will continue from where it stopped.

Long Menu Type names?

If you face problem with menutypes transfer problem you must first check if the 1.5 menutype name is very long. The allowed field in 1.5 database is 75 characters, but now only 24. It is required to make 'smaller' the name of the problematic menutype before migration.

Install Joomla on localhost

There are several ways to proceed with migration. One way is to install the new Joomla on the same server where lies the old 1.5

In summary in order to install Joomla on the same host as Joomla 1.5 follow below steps:

When you are ready to go live all you have to do is to move all 1.5 folders and files from the root to a backup directory, and the new_joomla folder on the root.

When I hit button 'Transfer', nothing happens.

Use Chrome browser!!!