Individual Records

On tab Database Transfer you have the ability to choose individual records from any table in the source database. This function is only useful for external extensions, and NOT for core data which you must transfer from Core Transfer view, or the supported extensions that you can transfer from Extensions Transfer view.

SP Upgrade Individual Records

SP Upgrade Individual Record

It works similarly with the core transfer with the difference that it does not create records with new ids, if already existed. Also if the table is not present in the destination table it create it with the correct prefix.

It is recommended to first migrate the core data, before you proceed with the extensions. The reason is that some of the extensions data need information from the core data. For example users.

General Process

In this section we will try to give a general direction of what steps to follow in order to migrate the extensions, that are not automatically transferred with SP Upgrade.  In case an extension is not compatible with the new Joomla! and the developer is not planning to release a compatible version then you are strongly suggested to use a similar new one.

Below process should be repeated for each one of the extensions:

  1. Upgrade to the latest release of the extension on Joomla! 1.5.
  2. Install the latest release of the extension on the new destination site.
  3. From SP Upgrade 'Database Transfer' view, identify the extension's tables in the Joomla 1.5 database and transfer them.

Above process might not be appropriate for all extensions. You might need to contact each extensions's developer in case they have their own migration procedure.


Find below links to various resources on how to migrate the most famous extensions. Feel free to Google for the extension that interest you, and if you find a better resource we would appreciate to share with us.