This is the manual for Joomla! component SP Expense Manager. The component is so simple(!) that this manual is quite short.

There are two data type that save your data. The accounts and transactions. The views of the component are the same both in back end and front end. 


Each account have the starting balance and the current balance. The starting balance, is just a reference to remind you the amount when you first created the account. The current balance is automatically updated with each transaction related to that account. You can edit any time the starting and current account.

In the accounts view (see below image) you can view, add, edit, delete your accounts. There are several filters to assist you finding and organize your accounts.

SP Expense Manager Accounts view

You can add/edit an account as below image. For each account you must define it's category, starting amount and currency.

SP Expense Manager Edit Account


Similar with accounts view you also have the transactions view. There are several available filters to find your transactions. There is also the batch and save copy functionality for quick adding the transactions. See below images.

SP Expense Manager Transactions View

SP Expense Manager Transaction Edit

To define a transactions you just write a title, the amount, the category and it's account.