How to use


The first thing to do when a user access SP Mail Client is to create the accounts wished to access. Each account should have related IMAP and SMTP settings. The SMTP settings are for sending mails.

SP Mail Client new account

  • Title: The title the account to appears in SP Mail Client
  • Name: The name that corresponds to the email. That is actually the name the recipient of an email see.
  • Email: A valid email...
  • Reply to: If you wish your recipient to reply to a different email address than the above.
  • Signature: What you put here automatically is added when create/reply/forward an email.
  • Category: See above explanation for categories.

SP Mail Client imap/smtp settings

Those are standard IMAP/SMTP settings provided by your mail server. SSL/TLS are also supported. For example if you wish to add your GMail, search in Google for the IMAP/SMTP settings.

Emails View

This is the main view of the component.

 SP Mail Client mails view

In the main left filter bar user can choose to view the follow:

  • account,
  • folder,
  • thread, or simple view

The thread view is a very nice feature that group mails conversations. To expand a thread just click on plus (+) button. This feature is only available to mail servers that support it.

SP Mail Client mails view expanded

From mails view the follow self explanatory tasks are available:

  • sort ascending/descending by subject, date, size, sender. Default sort is date.
  • pagination default is 20.
  • keyword search by subject, sender, recipient, cc, bcc, body, or entire message.
  • refresh view. Note that every 5 minutes the view is automatically refreshed.
  • compose new mail.
  • view, reply, reply all, forward, or edit an email.
  • move to trash, or permanently delete an email if in trash folder.
  • mark as seen, or unseen.
  • mark as flagged, or remove flag.
  • move selected mails to another folder.
  • compact, or empty trash folder.
  • download an email in eml text format.

 The same tasks are also when viewing individually an email.

Mail edit view

From this view you can send an email. The view is available when compose, reply, reply all, forward, or edit an email.

SP Mail Client edit view

The signature is automatic added in message. If a reply, reply all, forward, or edit the old message is also appended.

You have also the unique ability to add any of your site's article's text in any place of your email. Just press the button Article Text and choose the article.

SP Mail Client choose article text

You can add/remove any email in to, cc, or bcc. User can choose from the address book, or a new mail. To edit an address just click on the contact button.

If you save the email, it is automatically saved in drafts folder.


In folders view you can create, move, subscribe, or unsubscribe a folder.

SP Mail Client folders

When a folder is subscribed you can view it in mails view.

SP Mail Client folder edit

Folders can be in father-child hierarchy.