How to Install

SP Newsletters is installed just like any other standard Joomla component from Extensions Manager in back end.

Free registration is required to download. Click here to create an account.

Let's see below an example of sending an existing article as newsletter.



The first time you use SP Newsletters you should define the default number of emails and pauses. Just press the button Options and define what you want. See below image:

SP Newsletters Options

After that each time you send a newsletter you have the ability to define from which to which user id to send, and/or how many. Leave those values to 0 for no restrictions.

For example if you want to send to user from user id 150 to 500 but no more than to 200 users then the values should be as below:

Start ID: 150

End ID: 500

Total: 200

The reason we put above configuration is because some hosts do not allow you to send more that X number of users per hour.


With the special reserved keywords you may personalize the email. Anywhere in your article you put below keywords they are translated to each recipient personal data before the email is sent. The follow are the reserved special keywords.

  • {name} - The full name of the recipient as in you Joomla database.
  • {username} - The username of the recipient
  • {email} - The email of the recipient
  • {unsubscribe} - Link for recipient to unsubscribe


From Users tab you have the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe users. Just select the users and click block/unblock.

Preview and Send Test

Just find your article and click on it.

Tip: For the images in your email to be valid must be full url path. You may change the option from your tinyMCE from relative to full.

As below image here you have a real time preview. If you are not satisfied with the preview you may edit.

SP Newsletters article

If you are satisfied from the preview press button "Send Test" to receive an email to administrator.


When you are satisfied with test email, just choose the desired user group and press button "Send". A monitoring window will pop up to monitor the status of the emails sent.

Best Practice

Some people ask why we do not have option to add standard repeated paragraphs, like the start or the end of the newsletter. The reason is simple you can easily do this with a template article you build. A good practice would be:

  1. Create a category for each of your newsletter.
  2. Create a template article as you wish.
  3. Each time to send a news letter, duplicate the template article and add the news you want to share...