This is the comprehensive user guide for extension SP Digital Goods. Read carefully before use the extension.

SP Digital Goods is an extension that gives you the ability to utilize the Paypal service for merchants Digital Goods - Express Checkout. With only one click user can purchase and download any digital file.

The extension consists from one (1) component and two (2) plugins.

  • Component - You can create your categorized products from back end, and view transactions.
  • Plugin Add in Article - You can add within your articles the already created products
  • Plugin Show in Article - Necessary to show in front end your products


First Purchase - SP Digital Goods and download the zip file.

Unzip the downloaded file Install as any other extension from back end all below zip files.


Do not forget to activate plugins


After the installation go to the component to define the general settings. Press button Options


General Tab

general tab

Available days - Define for how many days after the purchase the file will be available for download. Zero (0) is to be available for ever.

Send Email Notifications - An email notification is send to buyer with a link to their download. Email notifications works only for live purchases. (draft - include image)

Show Product Code? - Choose whether or not to show the product code in front end

Show Price? - Choose whether or not to show the price in front end

Show Product Title? - Choose whether or not to show the product title (name) in front end

Show Product Text? - Choose whether or not to show the product text

Paypal Tab

paypal tab

Test with Sandbox - It is strongly recommended to test with a test Paypal sandbox account before use with production environment. Check references for details.

Currency - Choose your currency. This is the currency you choose to receive payments.

Sandbox User Credentials - Insert here your test Sandbox merchant API credentials

Live API Credentials - Insert here your live Paypal merchant API credentials. You can get your API credentials from your Paypal account, Profile -> API Access



You can categorize your products to as many nested categories as you wish. Categories works exactly the same way as the default articles categories. By categorizing your product it is easier to find later.

For more details how to use categories you may read the Joomla manual.



This is where you create your products. It is identical with the way the core Joomla articles works, with the difference that you may add additional elements (e.g. price, tax, the file to download). See below image for more details.

You may create as many products as you want, under any category you want.

edit product

Extra fields in compare with an article:

Price - The item price. Only digits are allowed in the form of xx.xx (e.g. 5.00)

Tax - The item tax (if any). Again only digits are allowed.

Donwload path - The full path of the file to download (e.g. /home/demo1/fur_elise.mp3). It is strongly suggested all your files to leave outside your public_html folder for security. Attention, this is not the file url, but the server full file name path.

Code - Your item code. That is to keep track. It is up to you what to add here. More people use this as a serial number of their products.

How to insert within your front end content

How to add

After you create your products you are able to add them anywhere in your site with TinyMCE editor. That might be your articles, categories, modules... anywhere. For example to add within an article:

add to article

Just select with cursor where to put your item and press the button SP Digital Goods

choose product

Select the product to add and click on it.

paypal button in article back end

Automatically the button is created within your article.

How it looks

Now if you go to your article in front end you see the follow

article in front end

Depended of what you choose show from the general options, you might show only the button, or all the related data. In above example we chose to show all (item name and code, price, and text)

Now when visitor decide to buy your product when he click on Paypal button (and depended whether he is already logon to Paypal) a new popup window is appeared as below:

pay now

User just press button Pay Now and the file is automatically downloaded.

download file



Read PayPal For Digital Goods – Express Checkout Getting Started Guide that will assist you setting up your Paypal account and configure the component.

Sandbox API

Sandbox is a set of tools and resources to enable merchants to develop eCommerce web sites and applications using PayPal web services.

Go to Paypal Sandbox to create an account for testing.

To enable your Sandbox account for testing read this discussion