1.5 NativeHow many times we find ourselves writing an article and we would like to know the number of words. Well this is a Joomla plugin adding a button to the end of the editor. Press to see how many words you wrote so far.

The html tags are stripped before the counting.

Word Counter Editor Button

Word Counter PopUp Window

Important Note:

  • The plugin works both in back and front-end editing, but only when using tinyMCE editor.
  • The algorithm counts the 'spaces', therefore you might notice mistake if you have more spaces. It will be improved in future versions.


Steps to install are those of a normal Joomla plugin installation.

  1. Download the plugin (see below link)
  2. Upload and install from joomla backend by choosing editors-xtd type.
  3. Enable from Plugin Manager by choosing Plugin Enable
  4. That's it!!!


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