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What if you need one, or some, or all your images to be clickable and zoomed? With this plugin it is done automatic. When visitors click on your images default Joomla modal window is appeared.


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Insert the normal way to your article, or module, or anywhere your image, re-size (if you want) and that's it.


  • Joomla 1.6 or 1.7, or 2.5, or 3.0


How to use


Just install the plugin as any other Joomla extension. Activate it, and define whether you want all your images to be clickable, or distinguish with class. See below image:

Only class - Choose if you want only specific classes to be clickable. You have to define the name of the class. (e.g. my-class)

Except class - Choose if you want all to be clickable except a class. Again you have to define the name of the class.

All images - Turns all your images in your site to be clickable.

How to define

Just insert any image in your article, and resize if you want. If you chose to be clickable only for a specific class, just go to image properties and define to the appropriate field the name of the class you defined. For example:


You can also add additional class names along with the defined separated with space. For example: 'my-class another-class1 another-class2'

Tip: It would be for the best to avoid using a class name that is might used someplace in your site, for example 'modal'.


Above two images are example!!! Just click on them to enlarge.

See another example below. Just click on the image.



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